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Yes, there are tried and tested methods that we learn in business school and from the experts about making sales. But one of the best ways that you can make your company stand out in the market as well in the minds of your clients is to come up with some super unique and creative sales tactics that will blow their socks off and make them want to do business with you.

  1. Visiting Cards – As a businessperson, one of the first ways that you introduce your enterprise to a stranger is through your visiting cards. Whether you are at a meeting, luncheon or hanging out at a party, you make sure that you shell them out because that is your one small piece and chance at creating an impression that will last as long as the card doesn’t fade.

This is Steve Wozniak, Apple Co-Creator’s visiting card:

  1. Be Encouraging – Have you ever noticed the similarity between the largest firms in the world and their advertisements? They always praise and honor their clients. One of the most groundbreaking ads was by Apple’s Think Big that got people talking and really boosted the brand to what it is today. Everyone wants to feel special and unique and different from the rest, so why don’t you go ahead and get creative with boosting the ego of your prospective clients and watch the floodgates open!
  2. Be Shameless – If you are a start-up and have no proper access to the public but are desperate to make your name known (which really isn’t a bad thing, in fact it’s a good thing for you!) then all you got to do is go for it! Read here the article about Mark Benioff’s strategies that were really shameless but proved to be profitable (for him at least!)
  3. Personality – Nothing sells better than a great personality. Some of the top businesses out there have creative and unique characters at the helm. Take Sir Richard Branson and his brand Virgin for example – the maverick entrepreneur has marketed his brand through his creative and sometimes crazy antics. It has proved well because people like seeing a down-to-earth personality who has a charismatic approach to his business.

This is Richard Branson posing for his famous airline!

  1. Demonstrations – Now, we are not talking about picketing outside on the streets (though that could also be counted as a unique sales tactic!). But you could have youtube videos, marketing videos and other unique ways to show customers live how your product is created from scratch. Ben & Jerry’s is the most favorite brand of ice creams because they are very open and free about their products. They have tours of their factories along with free sampling that gets the public excited and makes them know what is going into manufacturing their favorite flavor of frozen milk.

A look at Ben and Jerry’s world-class tour:

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