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Social media sites have taken over the sales and marketing world by storm. Whether you are an individual wanting to promote your personal lifestyle or a big business owner who wants to create a buzz about the latest product launch, social sites are now the go-to places for online presence. You can take advantage of their free registration and postings and use these to promote your enterprise.

  1.     FACEBOOK

This social media site has come up with an online store that works like any ecommerce portal. The first option as a seller is to use this platform to showcase your wares. However, if you want to sell only a few items or maybe even services, then you don’t have to go all the way and start your shop. When it comes to Facebook, here are a few useful tips:

  •      Research – the first thing you need to do is research other sellers with similar products. What are the sales tactics that they are using? What are the prices they are charging? You can visit auction sites and find out for how much you can sell. Research is the first key.
  •      Snap Professionally – Nothing damages an image like a badly clicked picture – the “Selfie” has taught us this. Invest in a good camera or have a professional click images of your products that are clear and show the best angles, thereby highlighting the best features of your product.
  •      Tagging – Tagging is another important sales tactics. We have a lot of hashtags that trend and you can cash in on this by checking how many times it has been used and adding it again to your post. Instead of inserting a long description to your product that no many will read, tagging makes it concise and distinct.
  1.     INSTAGRAM

This social media site is all about visuals. Though it has not set up an online ecommerce portal, there are many online stores that are using Instagram to rake in sales and profits. The sales tactics that you can use through Instagram are plentiful. Here are a few:

  •      Images – As you probably already know, Instagram is the social media site that relies on pictures as posts. It is imperative here to add professional-looking images that have the correct angles and lighting. While quickly scrolling through, your clients should want to stop and stare.
  •      Hashtags – This form of posting is really important when it comes to Instagram. In fact, the site shows you how many times a hashtag has been used and gives you similar suggestions, so you can take your pick. The key is tagging relevance and most popular posts.
  •      Videos – Instagram has come up with 15 second videos that you can post. Use this to your advantage to the max. In any case people’s attention span is going smaller and smaller, so if you can successfully capture them in this short time, you are golden. They don’t really need any audio, just captivating motion.
  •      Affiliates – There are already so many Instagram stars promoting products. If you know anyone personally or there is a professional “Instagrammer” who has a lot of followers, rope them in to promote your stuff on their posts.
  1.     TWITTER

This was the social media site that started the trend of in-140-characters-or-less. Yes, you have limited space, but you can take advantage of other features that the micro-blogging site has:

  •      Be Regular – Nothing kills a Twitter account like inconsistent posting. Tweeting is all about constant activity that creates buzz. You need to keep updating your account with random tidbits throughout the day.
  •      Hashtags – This was the social media site that started it all. Though other sites make use of it as well, hashtags are a feature of Twitter. Use them for trending topics that can attract attention from other bigger stars on Twitter. Getting followed or re-tweeted by a top trend-er is an advantage you don’t want to miss.
  •      Following – Twitter is all about following and being followed. Make sure you make your presence felt by following those who have anything remotely close to what you do and sell. In fact, there was this whole phase that is still going  on regarding “followbacks” where if you follow someone, they automatically follow you back, thus increasing your followers.

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