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Did you read the title properly? It says: “invent”. Why would you want to come up with sales tactics when you can just borrow one from someone else? People do it all the time! In fact, sales executives and those that have completed their MBAs in the field of sales are taught certain strategies to be applied to the business they are handling. But here is a little bit of advice that will make you even more successful. Here is where you are going to learn how to INVENT sales tactics.

  • First of all, you believe that your product is unique. Everyone believes that what they have to offer is different from the rest. It all starts with the brand name. You come up with a nomenclature that separates you from the rest of the sellers in your market. In fact, the government registry will not even allow you to remotely copy another competitor’s name! So, here is where your first invention takes place. It’s all in the name.
  • Secondly, what you offer is produced and manufactured in totally different way as compared to everyone else. Whether you’re trying to sell cupcakes to computers, there will be that one “ingredient” or component that will differ from the others. Do not let this go unnoticed. Share this with your customers. Let them know that you have an “invention” different from the others.
  • Thirdly, packaging is always important. The way you gift-wrap your product will speak a thousand words to the message you want to convey. This is the first impression that prospective customers will get when they first set eyes on a product. There is a reason big brands like Facebook and Google stick to their unique fonts and colors with their logos – the mind will automatically connect you with the brand name when you see the interface. You have the freedom to be as creative as you want with it, so go ahead and envelope your sales with the best package!

Having seen that your company, name and product is somehow unique, you need to create your sales tactics based on this. The best companies out there have come up with a slogan, an ad or a campaign that says what they want to in one phrase or message. Try your best to not copy anyone else. Then you are not an innovator – you are just an imitation of a trendsetter. And that is very limiting!

Another great idea for inventing sales tactics is to present your current customers with an offer. It could be something simple like providing free samples, offering a free product with every purchase, discount coupons or membership offers. The list is endless. When your customer is made to feel special, no matter how small or big the gesture is, you can be assured that he or she will stick with you and invite other acquaintances to also be a part of your dream.

Before starting your company, you obviously thought of a mission statement and an idea on how to make the world a better place with your product. Use this to your advantage and extend the concept to your clients and customers. Let them also see the vision and feel the pulse.

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