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Organizations spend tons of money just to advertise and in the process, generate sales. They use a number of avenues to do so – banners, hoardings, paid advertisements, print ads, Google ads, press releases, etc. In fact there are many agencies that work on behalf of the company and promise that their techniques will enable customers to come flooding in and create mass profits. This is a very efficient and most widely-used way for companies to ensure that they have patrons. But what if you are a small to medium enterprise and you cannot afford to spend so much just to try and bring in sales? All of these methods – be they Google ads or press releases or even paid advertising – cannot GUARANTEE that you will get people to buy your product. Here are much more cheaper, if not FREE WAYS to increase sales. You can practice these yourself and make just as much sales than any other big-time competitor.

  1. WORD OF MOUTH – I have a friend who started off his clothing business by selling t-shirts at low prices literally on the road. He was always known as a big-hearted guy, very generous and good to one and all. The result? He not only managed to buy a two-storey shop space, but also bought over the next shop’s space and later on expanded to have stores at two other locations! The best part of this story is that he NEVER advertises – customers flock in because of word of mouth. You know how everyone wants to talk about themselves and gush about a good deal they got? Be the one they speak nice things of – like good service, discounts, offers, etc. and see your customer base expanding without you spending a dime on advertising!
  2. GOODWILL – Another great way to inadvertently advertise your business is through goodwill. Maybe you have a local elementary school that needs donations to build a playground, or you have a church that holds jumble sales. Whatever the cause, pitch in by offering free samples, discount coupons, etc. at the charity event and see people begin to associate your business with being charitable and giving. That’s goodwill and it doesn’t cost a thing!
  3. DISCOUNTS – I have another acquaintance who is a tattoo artist and keeps enticing his customers with “discounts”. Of course, he is cheeky. He tells them the tattoo is worth a particular amount (he exaggerates the price at this stage) and then gladly informs them that because they are special, he will give them a huge discount (now he charges the actual price)! Customers don’t know the difference – what they hear is that they are liked by the guy and feel appreciated and go ahead and give him business because of the “discount”! You don’t have to lie to your customers. But you can genuinely provide them with a price cut and watch them come back again for more!
  4. WHAT’S IN A NAME – There is a reason celebrities name their kids in the most weirdest way – a name makes the person unique and stand out for the rest of their lives. You can do the same thing. Name your business something catchy that is not easy to forget and your customers will be able to easily bring it to mind your brand when they think of something associated with you and your product.
  5. LISTEN – The best advice that top salesmen give is to LISTEN. What your customers tell you, the feedback they dole out, is vital because it gives you an idea of what your business needs to be like. Surveys are conducted all the time by the biggest brands and you can take a note from them as well – listening to what your customers say goes a long way in making your business better.

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