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According to “Top salespeople know there’s a reason nature equipped them with two eyes, two ears and one mouth. They use their eyes to observe a prospect’s nonverbal prompts. They open their ears to listen to what a customer does and doesn’t say. And most important of all über-sales executives don’t utter a sound until they’ve processed exactly what they’ve seen and heard”.

One of the best living entrepreneurs today, who has really made a mark in business as much as he has done with his own personality is Sir Richard Branson. He knows his stuff and he is not afraid to share it with the world. Read this article from the mouth of Branson himself about the top 3 sales tips. You know he speaks the truth because you can see the result through his very own VIRGIN brand. also has some sound advice from some of the top sales advisors in the world. Read the article that comprises of tips from the likes of Brian Tracy, Barry Farber, Bob Sly and Linda Richardson among others. They tell us about their own personal experiences and how they learnt to be better salespeople because of them. Very insightful and sound advice for anyone who wants to take home something from the best.

One of the most brilliant and memorable ads to have been broadcast on television is Apple’s The Crazy Ones. We all know Steve Jobs as being an extremely passionate man who forever changed the market for his products. Watch the video (available at the end of this article) again and re-experience what it is to bring your passion to the table when you want to sell your product. After watching this, don’t you think you would want to go out and buy any Apple product you can afford just so that you can be a part of their genius dream? This is sales on a whole new level.

In another video where Steve Jobs speaks to his employees wearing his signature black turtleneck and khaki shorts, he talks about how the biggest brands are known today not so much by their products, but by the way they offer them to their customers. It’s all about show and tell.

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